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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2012 Scrapbook

The 2012 Making Tembo Scrapbook

I had such a busy 2012 and wanted a way to remember all the different things I had made, so I created a scrapbook cataloguing all my projects from the year.

The ribbon is one of my favorite colors, so I chose it to keep my accordion-scrapbook closed.

I started with ribbon flowers and bows I made for my Etsy shop and tried to rivet in little scraps of the ribbon as often as possible.

These are my ribbon baby toys, an idea taken from my mom's childhood.

I also added the bracelets that I experimented with in 2012. Hope to add them to the Etsy shop this year!

These are my favorite altered shirts from 2012. Altering has always been one of my favorite projects, and I hope to move on to more complex alterations this year!

Hat from the Calvin and Hobbes Halloween costumes I made

 A necklace that I made in the glass shop at school

Our family's candles in a store and our booth at the SF Center for the Book Holiday Fair

And finally, the logo that I created this year for my business!

Here's to a longer, fuller, more varied scrapbook next year!

-Taft WK

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