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Friday, February 7, 2014

Writer's Notebook for A

My friend A's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and coming out of the holiday season I was a little short on gift ideas, but after some long thinking sessions I came up with the perfect gift for an aspiring writer such as her... (drum roll, please)

A writer's notebook!

It´s just a regular composition notebook (picked up on sale at Target, you know how I love my bargains) that I covered in quotes about writing and books (her two loves). The fun fonts are all from this book that was given to a member of my family a couple Christmases ago and has never stopped giving back.

Duct tape is a must with all good crafting projects, so I upped the fun factor with MUSTACHE duct tape! How do you like that, internet?

Finally, it's all topped off with a ribbon bookmark and a bead that I dug out of my mom's crafting stash. (Yes, each member of my family has their own crafting stash. That's just how artist families work.)

Can't wait to see what A writes about next! We all know she's going places :)

Happy Winter! (Speaking of winter...expect a post about my Winter Formal dress to go up soon!)
Taft W-K

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