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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Black Dress with Epic Pink Collar: Part 1

I picked up this lovely number at a clothing swap in January. I tried it on and it was a little too tight for my taste, but come on. There's just no leaving behind a garment with a collar that awesome behind.

I'm pretty much a sucker for ruffles and buttons.

I chopped off the bottom half (check back for Part 2 when I remake the bottom half!) to turn this baby into a shirt. 

I found this fantastic strategy for hemming knits that I absolutely love: http://www.sweetnsassygirls.com/2011/07/an-easy-way-to-hem-knits.html. Shout out to this blog, this strategy is ingenious and super easy to do. I gave it another shot on this shirt (last attempt was a bit uneven...)

I folded and serged the hem, then topstitched it.

And ta-da! I really love this one, and the long sleeves will be perfect for the summer (San Francisco weather...if you don't live here, don't even ask). 

Stay tuned for Part 2! I have plans for the leftover bottom piece...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Black Sweatpants

Hello, Spring! Hello, lacrosse season!

With all good things come the less than fantastic, mainly freezing your posterior off on the sidelines of a lacrosse game. So to protect against frostbite in the southern regions, I went to Fabric Outlet during their 40% off sale and picked up some sweatshirt fleece with the intention of making this pattern that I got from my grandma:

80's sweatpants! (Mom's nostalgic right now, I just know she is.)

However, when I went to trace the pattern, the sweatpants pattern was missing from the envelope.

So, to the internet we went! 20 minutes and a half dozen crafting sites later, I found this pattern from BurdaStyle. They call them "Jersey Trousers", but those are sweatpants. Come on.

Shut up. They're sweatpants. (He's hands-down my favorite designer from Project Runway. #teamchristopher)

They wanted knit ribbing for the waistband and cuff, but after spending so much on the fleece, I was having none of that. Besides, I'm on the shorter side, so losing that length would probably be perfect.

Cutting out fabric!

I'm especially proud of the pockets on these, I think they look really good! They're enormous, so I'll definitely make the next pair a bit smaller.

The elastic on the cuffs is perfect; tight enough that they don't slip too much but loose enough that I can pull them on over my cleats.

When I first wore them, my friend T made sure that everyone on my team knew that I had made my own pants. She said (and I quote directly) "I will make them listen!" She's the best :)

Next up: a pair of green ones and maybe a pair in a lighter fabric? I'm also considering scaling them up to fit over all my goalie gear.

Stay warm on the sidelines, fellow benchwarmers! And have a lovely spring!
-Taft WK