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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cecilia's Suits: Part 3

Aaaaaaaand I'm back! With more suits! Did you miss me? (Catch up here and here)

I just adore the buttons on this suit. Absolutely my favorite.

I discovered I have a severe dust allergy while pulling all these suits out to take pictures. There's definitely some cleaning in order before I can work with these.

And the one and only non-suit in the collection...

Check those shoulder pads. I might just cut them out and wear the shirt as is.

There was also this belt that looked like it matched the above pants:

Well, that's that! We've reached the end of the suits, so look forward to posts about what I used them for.
-Taft WK 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pink and Gray Striped Tunic For Mom

I'm such a good daughter. Especially when I'm getting paid to make clothes for my mom. It really only makes me a better daughter (I hope Mom is reading this...)

I made a tunic for her several months ago, which she loved, so now there's more! 

For this one, we dropped the neckline (same as my Halloween dress) and added 4 or so inches to the bottom. 

This fabric is (surprise!) from Fabric Outlet, picked up during a (surprise!) 40% off sale. I know you're all shocked every time I say that.

And I got the stripes to match up perfectly on the side seam! I'm so excited!

We love Fabric Outlet because of their fantastic prices and sales, but now that I'm making clothes that are supposed to last longer, the seams are outliving the fabric. The knits we purchased there are pilling very quickly, so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of where to find well-priced, quality knits in San Francisco? (Our next thought was Britex, but that's waaaay too expensive for us). 

-Taft WK