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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cecilia's Suits: Part 2

Ohhhhhh, get pumped! I've got more suits from Cecilia for you today! (Don't know what I'm talking about? Get caught up here)

I really liked the quilted texture of this hot pink fabric. 

Cecilia's grandma had these suits custom made from a brother-sister team in Florida. The two were immigrants (I feel terrible that I can't remember what country they're from), but settled in Florida and started their own tailoring company. These suits that they've made are absolutely incredible and have obviously lasted a very long time. 

I can't get the picture to rotate in here, but there's the label for ya. 

Cecilia said that her grandma made her own clothes until she was successful enough to buy her own custom suits.

Alright, my lovelies. There is one last post with more suits before you can see what I've been making with them.  

-Taft WK 

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