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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cecilia's Suits: Part 1

A couple months ago, a friend of a friend of my mom's reached out to me, asking if I wanted these suits that used to belong to her grandmother for crafting purposes. They're custom-made pantsuits, and Cecilia's grandma is obviously a very stylish woman.

Hollaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm def wearing that blazer as is. And it's probably going to NY Fashion Week with me.

These clothes were *so* close to fitting me. The shoulders fit, the sleeve fit, the hems of the pants were just right. But nothing buttoned. On the bright side, however, I have a 100% valid excuse for altering everything! Except for that black and white blazer. I'm just wearing it unbuttoned. 


Speaking of buttons, the buttons on all these clothes are killer! Between 4 and 5 matching ones on each jacket, and they're all so incredible. Absolutely my favorite part. 


Check that lining. Love me some cool lining. 

The pockets were sewn shut on this blazer. Please tell me I'm not the only one who is deeply frustrated by fake pockets. 

I loved how each suit was basically the same, just different colors. Cecilia gave me over a dozen suits, and every pants style was the same, every jacket fit was the same. There were maybe only 3 different lapel and 2 different pocket styles between all of them. 

Matchy matchy matchy matchy = more fabric to work with!!

There's only more suits from here, which will slowly be revealed over the next several weeks.
-Taft WK

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