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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Roll-Up Pencil Case

Long time, no see, internet!

Winter Break and a lack of things to do (no homework!) had me itching for another project, so I pulled out the scrap buckets (yes, plural buckets) and got to work.

I wanted a new pencil case that would make it easier to find my colored pencils and decided on a roll up one with pockets:

The pockets are made with scraps, sewn into a 4"x20.5" panel. I then sewed it down to a 8"x30.5" denim panel (from an old pair of jeans), leaving enough space for a pencil between each seam. Next came a second 8"x30.5" panel and I serged the two together along the edge.

Button and elastic to keep it together all burrito-tight:

Happy Holidays!
Taft WK

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