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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Family Quilt

Do you remember the quilt I made for my mom last spring? Well, I wanted to make something similar for my grandparents, only with fabric from the whole family. Almost everyone sent me scraps of fabric and it was incredible all the things that poured in. Fabric from Ghana (where my grandma grew up), a textile my uncle brought back from Nicaragua, tie-dye t-shirts from my cousins, a BYU (many of my aunts and uncles have gone here, and its where my parents met!) shirt, fabric from a pair of pants my grandma helped my aunt make, flannel from the pioneer costumes my mom and her siblings wore as kids, blue sparkly sweater material, the "I'm a Big Sister!" shirt my cousin wore when her parents were expecting another child, camouflage, you name it and we had it. I even pitched in fabric left over from my skirt and a couple t-shirts I've made and some farming and camping prints I found at Peapod.

Same as before, I cut 5" by 5" squares, sewed them down on a huge piece of black cotton, and covered up all the seams with 5/8" ribbon.

For the back, I found this super-fuzzy, uber-snuggly, softer than three babies' bottoms, ridiculously plushy fleece. Did that successfully get across to you how soft it was? PEOPLE, I SWEAR TO OBAMA THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN MUST BE MADE OUT OF THIS FABRIC. Now you get it?

I serged a loooooong (read: approximately 16 feet) strip of fabrics and used that as a border. Ties it all together nicely, dontcha think?

Here I am, presenting it to my grandparents at our family's Thanksgiving dinner:

During the dinner, I had everyone write their name and birthday in a square, except my grandpa, who used his for some college spirit ("Go Bears!") and my cousin who had quite a bit of fun scribbling in a couple of them.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (better late then never, eh?)
Taft WK

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