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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Black Dress with Epic Pink Collar: Part 1

I picked up this lovely number at a clothing swap in January. I tried it on and it was a little too tight for my taste, but come on. There's just no leaving behind a garment with a collar that awesome behind.

I'm pretty much a sucker for ruffles and buttons.

I chopped off the bottom half (check back for Part 2 when I remake the bottom half!) to turn this baby into a shirt. 

I found this fantastic strategy for hemming knits that I absolutely love: http://www.sweetnsassygirls.com/2011/07/an-easy-way-to-hem-knits.html. Shout out to this blog, this strategy is ingenious and super easy to do. I gave it another shot on this shirt (last attempt was a bit uneven...)

I folded and serged the hem, then topstitched it.

And ta-da! I really love this one, and the long sleeves will be perfect for the summer (San Francisco weather...if you don't live here, don't even ask). 

Stay tuned for Part 2! I have plans for the leftover bottom piece...

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