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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fall 2013 Technical Arts Projects


This post is not within my usual theme of sewing, but it's still something I'm really really proud of.

My school (LWHS) has the most wonderful technical arts program and this past semester I took Circuitry and Electronics: Digital and Analog in the Electronics Shop and Joinery and Turning in the Wood Shop. (Next up: Private Skills for a Public Purpose in the Metal Fabrications Shop.)

In wood, I started with this box made of black walnut and poplar, and let me tell you, I got WAAAYYY in over my head. I've never made something on my own in the wood shop before and something with this many cuts was way too ambitious.

I cut out each individual triangle on the table saw (had to start over once 'cause I got all the angles wrong) and glued them together. Then I mitered wood to make the inner box so the lid would stay in place.

This project took me forever and I ran into a lot of problems, but I'm so glad I stuck with it. It's currently holding all my inspiration photos and souvenirs from places I've been.

In my electronics class I made these speakers:

I designed it so that, unlike our current amplifier, the speakers would project the sound up and out and wouldn't be blocked when sitting next to something.


Y'alls will love this one.

This is a clapper my teacher helped me code (Arduino, circuit board, microphone). When you clap twice, it will turn it whatever is plugged into the power tail on or off.

Guess what I plugged into it? The power strip connected to all my sewing machines. That's right, all I have to do is clap twice when I walk into the dining room to turn them on. It's terribly exciting!

(See the other wood project I made for my brother here, just scroll to the bottom.)

Have fun, Makers!
Taft WK

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