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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Washi Tape Computer

This project is over a year old, but I needed to post pictures before it started to get too much  more wear and tear!

In Spring of 2015, I became obsessed with washi tape. I ordered a few collections off of Etsy (10/10 would recommend, but it can be a little pricey) I used it to decorate my crutches, my travel sewing kit, my notebooks, everything. So it was not a very short leap before I was decorating my technology too. 

And decorating it in a very involved and elaborate way. 

And maybe decorating during class as well. Probably a good idea I waited until after graduation to post this. 

Seriously, what's not to love about washi tape! You can find all the colors and patterns imaginable. 

Those are some wonderfully feminist stickers I have since added to my computer. 

But wait...there's more!!!!

Yes, I decorated the keyboard too. So much Netflix-ing while I worked on this. 

You might notice the super-duper cool chalkboard math notation print tape around the edges. Yes, I am that much of a math nerd. I got a whole role of that tape instead of just a sample!

I started by cutting off a piece of washi tape in the approximate size of the key. I put it on one of the keys and then used an X-acto knife to round out the corners and cut off the excess.

Then I used a felt-tip marker to write the letter or the function of the key on top of the tape. 

I gotta be honest, this is not the most functional art project. The tape has worn out on a few of the most-used keys and gotten really sticky and needed to be replaced. (You can see that especially on the space bar). 

Everyone else has a very difficult time tying on this keyboard, although that may be just because everyone except me uses a Mac. But not everyone can touch-type or read the loopy script on the keys, which can only make that harder. 

I'm not complaining, though. It just means no one else will try to use my computer or micro-manage what I'm working on at school. 

So rating this project: If you can touch-type and don't mind a little bit of upkeep, I would 10/10 recommend this project. 

If you can't touch type but are willing to re-draw the letters every once in a while in a more legible font, then maybe a 7/10. 

If you hate typing and wouldn't want to deal with upkeep, then I'd give a 4/10. It's not a zero because this project is still hella cute and everyone deserves to smile when they open up their computer :)
-Taft WK

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