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Thursday, July 17, 2014

What's on your Radical Agenda?

My friend gave me this awesome, amazing, super thoughtful and very me shirt for Christmas last year:

It's really so perfect. 

Unfortunately, it was this really strange racerback tank that did not cover the chest area very well. 

And at the same time, I realized that my softest and best black tee shirt was stretching in the chest area to the point where it was see through. Yeah. It's a problem. 

See? Thank the goddess my mom noticed at breakfast, else I might've walked around like that all day. 

The two shirts were too good to give away, so I went "Hmmmm....what if we could solve two boobage problems...at the same time?" 

And immediately got to work. (Also, it was pride weekend here in SF and I needed something to wear in addition to my rainbow socks.)

At five minutes in we were here: 

Graphic cut and ready. 

Eight minutes in we were here: 

Nine minutes in, my brother asked what was on my radical feminist agenda, which I answered with "Paid maternity leave."

Ten minutes in, he was trying to argue it with me. 

14 minutes in, he walked out of the room, as he couldn't argue very well why we shouldn't have paid maternity leave. (Score one for gender equality!)

Now that I had the dining room to myself, I started hand stitching the graphic onto the black tee. 

Like so. I found some awesome pink thread that went with the font fabulously. 

And here's the final product at the Pride Parade! (It gets a little overshadowed by the feather boa, but eh. A feather boa that awesome deserves the attention.)

(That's my friend, Cam. Check back in a couple weeks, I made an epic costume for her that I'll be posting about!)

I went to another event later in the week, which prompted more radical paraphenalia....here's a little sneak peak ;)

So I'm wondering readers...what's on your radical agenda?

-Taft W-K

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