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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jean Shorts

Hiya Everyone!

Blog posts might not be very consistent over the next few weeks as I'm working on some very big projects (a teaser is scheduled for next week!) that will be taking up the majority of my time. However, when they're finished, I'll have some Extra-Special Extra-Long Super Duper Craftalicious posts for you!

But between now and then, some smaller projects will have to tide y'alls over. How about some jean shorts, huh?

I picked up these fabulous Anne Taylor boot cut jeans at Goodwill Boutique at least 8 months ago with the intention of hemming them so they would actually fit. #verticallychallenged

Buuuuut as you can see, that didn't end up happening and after accidentally butchering my other pair of jean shorts I decided to finally take these pants off the shelf and put them into rotation.

My mom helped me trace around the pant leg at the length I wanted and then I chopped the legs off (after quick prayer to some choice higher powers to let me not butcher these like I did the last ones). 

I folded up the bottom of the hem to avoid fraying strings (so unattractive!) and tacked it on the sides so I wouldn't have to refold them every time I put them on.

And that's that! A nice, easy project that I will wear again and again!
-Taft WK

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