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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Christmas Skirt for Mom (posted in May? No big deal.)

You know what? I'd just like to make it policy on this blog that projects are posted at least 4 to 5 months after completion. That way, I'll never be in danger of breaking rules or disappointing. 

The Christmas budget ran kind of low last year (that awkward moment where you're a teenager with hardly any time to babysit and an insatiable appetite for fabric), so I ended up making a lot of my presents and stash busting at the same time!

Here's the skirt I made for Mom: 

I found this pattern in another Alabama Chanin book (this one here) that was gifted to me for my birthday last year. 

Both the pattern and the stencil are from the book.

I left the hem as a raw edge, NOT because I ran out of time! Please, I managed my time perfectly on this project. (Does anyone know how to convey sarcasm over the internet?). A lot of Alabama Chanin projects are left with raw hems and edges, which I really like the look of in jersey fabric. 

I ended up getting fold-over elastic later and finishing the waistband with that instead so it would fit Mom better. 

She loves the weight of the skirt, warm enough for San Francisco, and it's professional enough for conferences and work! And so very comfy in jersey fabric. 

How does everyone else stashbust their fabric collection?
-Taft WK 

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