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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quilted Pillow for Cam

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!! It's summer vacation and you dedicated readers know what that means....blog posts every Wednesday! So let's start on our first post of the summer:

More stash-busting projects! I'm trying to buy less fabric this year. Kind of because I'm saving cash and kind of because I ran out of space to keep it. But mostly the second reason. 

Anyway, it was recently my friend Cam's birthday and I wanted to make her something special...

There was plenty of Snapchat communication with other people about the present too. I loved the idea of a rainbow patter, but didn't want to overdo it. 

The answer was, of course, there is no such thing as too much rainbow. So onward I forged....

That's the back of the pillow after a half-seasons worth of Gilmore Girls. (It was Spring Break. Time is measured in units of Netflix.)

The fabric is some random white cotton I found in a stash (previously a bedsheet, curtain, or tablecloth I believe.) This was an experiment in machine quilting as well, which I discovered was nice when I was tired, but mind-numbing when I was feeling creative. Glad I found that out. 

Sooooo maaannnnyyy knots....

Next up was the letters! I scaled them up from a font I found in our family's font book (AKA the greatest book on earth). 

The tracing around the letters took another couple episodes of Gilmore Girls (but I was more focused on the show than the pillow. Sorry Cam, but that's the truth.) 

The edges were finished in red grosgrain ribbon. 

I love the fabric the letters are cut out of! They're also on a handmade quilt I'm working on right now (more on that later!) 

Embracing that zig-zag aesthetic. 

Más knots. 

It's so round and squishy! Cam keeps it on the couch in her room. 

Happy Birthday, Cam!

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