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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

English Final Project (it's a creative assignment!!!)

In English class, our last book was Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko and our teacher gave us a creative assignment for our final project! Make a piece of art that represents an aspect of the book. 

I was struck by the book's imagery, use of motifs, and the main character's, Tayo's, journey to heal after the Vietnam War, so I decided to use those three things in my project. 

I mapped out Tayo's entire journey on a shirt, using images and motifs to represent each stage of his healing process. 

The shirt was an old t-shirt I was going to donate, but pulled out of the donate bag for this project. I decided to use a shirt because in the book, all of Tayo's feelings and emotions come from his stomach. For my project, his journey envelops his body and the place where his emotions originate. 

Embroidered fly is probably my favorite of them all. 

That is supposed to say "brother," it's just hard to tell at this angle. 

I sewed over the path multiple times to make it look braided and well-traveled. 

And the best part was that I used scraps for the whole project! Yay for stashbusting! 

 So, fingers crossed this will be the one assignment I get an A on! I put a lot of work into it, but had tons of fun in the process. 
-Taft W-K 

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