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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Prom Dress 2015

I decided to go to Prom very last minute this year, so my outfit was very simple. The plan was a knit leotard (to minimize fit issues) and a long, full skirt over it with my comfiest heels, since Prom was on a boat. 

 Here's the skirt pinned on the dress form. My original pattern wasn't very flattering at the waistline, so I gathered it and added a panel at the back. 

The Instagram sneak-peak photo. 

Here's the half finished lining. It ended up having two rows of those ruffles made out of petticoat tulle.

I decided to stash bust for the lining (this was made on a tight budget!) so each panel was a different color. Looked a bit like a parachute :)

Here's the final ensemble!

I found this silver taffeta at Britex Fabrics, and I think silver taffeta is going to be my thing.

When I added the panel to the back, the waistband got a little messed up, so I made a sash to cover it, which I liked so much better than the plain waistband! It really helped define my waist. 

And I put a little pocket in the side seam! Which I definitely rubbed in everyone's faces all night long. Dresses with pockets! Infinitely more possible and available when you make your own clothes.

I also really love the leotard pattern! It's a Nettie from this site

Hem was finished with my favorite hemmer foot. 

The zipper was a little funky on the skirt, but it wasn't very noticeable. When I added the extra panel to the back, the grainlines were thrown off. Made the seams not as smooth, but it's what I had to do to make the skirt fit!

Some night of photos. 

Me and my super hot date, Leila. 

And my amigas. 

So there you have it! A friend just mailed me a beautiful, beaded gown for re-making and I'm already dreaming about next year's Prom dress. 
-Taft W-K

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