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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Collage of Hands

Hey everyone! I'm taking a quick break from the Christmas present posts to show you something I finished more recently (and by that, I mean a month ago). 

I created several new pieces for my college applications in the last couple months, and this is one of my favorites! I posted a lot of process photos on Instagram while I worked:

A photo posted by Taft Weber-Kilpack (@taftisseamstress) on

A photo posted by Taft Weber-Kilpack (@taftisseamstress) on

For the project, I started by photographing people as they worked on various creative projects and then used the photos to draw their hands. After I had all the sketches, I used aaaallllll the art supplies I could get my hands on to recreate the sketches in different ways. I used glue, ink, paper, wood, needle and thread, marker, watercolor pencil, tape, charcoal, different paints, tracing paper, pen and even fire!

So here it is! I decided to hang it up in my bedroom cause I like it so much. 

Next week, the Christmas posts will start up again. See you then!

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