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Friday, July 15, 2016

Academy of Art University (Summer 2015): Fashion Drawing

Last week, I posted the first of my 3 posts about the Academy of Art University classes I took last summer. One of the classes I took was Fashion Drawing, which was a little outside my comfort zone at first, but I ended up falling in love with it! This post is very different from what I usually write about, but I feel like I made a lot of progress in the class, so this is worth sharing. 

I learned in this class that the fashion drawing style isn't like regular figure drawing. We weren't necessarily drawing the model/scene as it appeared, we were drawing people to a 9-head proportion (which is a little ridiculous, in my opinion). 

[This piece was for an assignment and inspired by the style of Rene Gruau.]

But we covered a ton of mediums, which I loved!! We started with charcoal and china marker. There was also water color (see above) and ink. Then oil pastels, collage, and watercolor pencil. 

For the final assignment, we took 5 pieces we had drawn in class and re-made them, using new techniques we learned and cleaning up mistakes. 

There were also days when we focused on just one body part or piece of clothing: 

And every night for homework, we drew a few things in our sketchbook, and I caught this quick sketch of Kara before she got up from her nap (and went off to nap in a different location):

My wonderful art teacher at school, Mr. Sanborn, helped me photograph these pieces for my college application portfolio. When he saw the drawing of Kara, he insisted that a picture of a dog be included (which is why I'm also putting it here). 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation!
Taft WK

P.S. Go checkout hiveonline.org! I'm at the International AIDS Conference in Durban right now, and will be blogging for HIVE from the conference. Not as much crafting/sewing as at this site, but tons of social activism

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