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Friday, July 29, 2016

Green-Blue-Black-Crazy-Print Dress for Mom's Birthday

It's, you guessed it, that dress pattern I make for my mom at least 4 times a year! I should really give it a better name. 

My mom visited Vancouver last year and brought this fabric back for me. She found it at a nice fabric store, and thought it would make an excellent version of these dresses she loves.  

The armholes were finished with bias tape:

A photo posted by Taft Weber-Kilpack (@taftisseamstress) on

However, this is the updated version. When I made my Pi Dress, I altered the shoulder seams so the dress would fit better in the armholes. The top of the armhole seam now sits in the right spot, buutt...

I can definitely do a better job of fitting the top of the side seam the next time I make this. It took a sleeveless version of the dress for me to fully realize this. 

I will also admit to being lazy and just finishing the bottom hem with a straight-stitch. 

But I did serge the inside seams! I promise!

I got super lucky on the back and this one stripe mostly matched up. This print was just too crazy to try to make it match at the seams. I couldn't find any repeating anything, so I crossed my fingers, cut out the pattern pieces, and I guess that mostly paid off!

Back neckline was finished with a piece of grosgrain ribbon, as usual. I'm still using up my stash before I go out and purchase some petersham (still kind of broke, yo!). 

And here it is, ready for final delivery! I even got a little spotlight on my mom's Instagram page:

This post was a few days late, but I swear I have a good excuse! I was traveling in South Africa, blogging for hiveonline.org about the 2016 International AIDS Conference. You can read my youth reporter articles here
See you next week!
Taft WK 

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