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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pi Dress (#nerdalert)

I have a confession to make: 

I bought 3.14 yards of this fabric. I know, I know, it's nerdy on a whole new level. 

I also used (some of) the yardage (cause 3.14 is a lot for me) to make this dress for Pi Day (March 14th):

Here's a sneak peak I posted on Instagram the day before: 

A photo posted by Taft Weber-Kilpack (@taftisseamstress) on

You might be asking yourselves, "Taft, if you made this dress by mid-March, then how come it didn't make it onto your blog until late-April?"

Well, my friends, that's a question I would also love to know the answer to. 

You've all seen this pattern before (it's originally the tunic I made for my mom that I've hacked over and over again). As is standard, no two of these are the same, so on this dress...

There's a curved hem!

It's so cute and sporty, I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I made it a *little* too short, but there is definitely a longer one of these in my future!

I also got hella lucky at Fabric Outlet and found burgundy fabric that matched the pi symbols perfectly. I used it for contrast sleeves. I originally wanted to do raglan sleeves because I thought it would look better, but I ran out of time before Pi Day :(. 

Sorry about the weird yellow-ish light in these pictures. I took them at a weird time of day when the natural light was not at its best in my dining room. 

I'll let y'all know what other nerdy things I make with this fabric. 
-Taft WK

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