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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Braided Rug for Little Artistas: Part 2

Two weeks ago, I posted the first half of this project. Where we left off, I had just moved my industrial sewing machine (her name is Belutha) next to our massive dining room table so that I could rotate the rug around and around and around and have enough room as it grew. 

Sorry for the low picture quality - I was staying up late to get this done before leaving for college, and most of the work took place after the lovely natural light was gone. 

The bigger the rug grew, the trickier it was to keep it flat as I sewed. This led to some bumps and waves, but they all flattened out after I ironed it and let it sit flat for a while. 

It was also very difficult to get final pictures of the rug - I couldn't find any space in our house to lay it flat where there would be only one background. And I'm not tall enough to get a proper birds eye view. But I think these do well enough, especially since there's a couple really good photos waiting at the end of this post...

In this photo, you can see from the center all the way out to the edge. So many good colors!

(That's the tag I put on the bottom.)

Here's another Instagram post from the making of the project: 

Bittersweet...but I'm so glad I got to work with Anna and Little Artistas for my last San Francisco sewing project! Speaking of which...

A photo posted by Culinary Artistas (@culinaryartistas) on

The rug now lives at the new Ghiradelli location, at the first ever Culinary Artistas! After so much success with art workshops for kids, Anna created a new space with art and cooking facilities, where classes are still taught in Spanish and English. Check out their Instagram - I love looking at what the artists and chefs have made recently. The space is beautiful as well, and the rug looks right at home with all the other colors. 

I'm so grateful to have worked with Anna and the Little Artistas team for the past few years. Can't wait to see what they do next! 

See you in two more weeks for another post, 
Taft WK

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