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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Summer Camp Henna

Alright, blog posts are really backed up from the summer, so I've still got more summer crafting for you! And it comes straight from summer camp!

I went to Yosemite for a week with my family to Camp Mather, a family camp run by SF Parks and Rec. To most people, this is "Yay! A week in nature to swim and eat sugary food and get tan and have fun!" but for me it was "Aw $h!t. A whole week without sewing."

I would have brought some hand sewing projects buuuuut...it's camp. It would have come back dirty and unrecognizable. Two days in, I was officially in sewing withdrawal. Whenever I sat down, my hands would twitch towards my bag to pull out something to sew. And then I would remember there was nothing to sew. And then I wanted to cry.

Luckily, my friend brought henna! She is my saving grace. The only thing that got me through the sewing withdrawal was drawing on myself with weird herb gunk (seriously, what exactly is in henna?).
My legs were covered, so was my left arm (cause I'm right-handed! Fun fact!). 

Here's a mandala/flower-esque thingy I did on my leg. None of the henna I did was ever planned, it just kind of...happened. I added onto designs when I was bored and made new ones 5 minutes later. This specific one was added onto for a couple days as people gave suggestions and I took inspiration from a shirt with a similar design I was wearing.

A wavy thingy on my foot. My friend had something similar, so I took the idea and did something a little different.

I also kind of had an arrow-theme going on (there's another one coming up). The one on my forearm prompted lots of Katniss jokes. It's half-dried, that's why it's all cracked and messed up looking. 

Another, more decorated arrow (it's midway through drying and flaking off, so it looks a little splotchy). There's also that little vine on my foot, which stayed on forever. It was kind of weird what stayed and what didn't; some things just disappeared after two days, but there were some designs that lasted more than two weeks. 

I also had a vine wrapping around the entirety of my left leg, but that was done early in the week and faded quickly.

So what did all of your summer crafting projects look like? And how was camp?

-Taft WK

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