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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Denim Dress fix

Hello again! 

I was thrift-shopping with some friends a couple months ago and found this interesting maybe-it's-vintage, maybe-it's-your-grandma's denim dress. 

It was much too long for me to pull it off, but I loved the check-print on the bodice and the pockets. Especially the pockets. 

So I brought it home and hacked off about 5 inches. 

I originally planned on folding the hem under to hide the serge, but I kind of like the serged-finish. It looked good with the denim. 

And I'm currently in love with dresses that button up the front! Buttons always add so much to a garment. They're def underappreciated and undervalued. 

And now we just have to wait for the right weather to wear a summer dress like this...hahaha...that's funny...summer dress in San Francisco...

-Taft WK

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