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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cape for P

Remember the blue circle skirt I made for Pauline last year? She's going back to the same event this year and wanted a cape that she is going to decorate to make more fandom-y reference-y. Don't ask me any questions about it. 

We picked out a black, slightly sheer fabric at the store that had a nice drape to it. I then patterned the cape body from scratch and altered a hood I found on another pattern. 

The cape fastens on the side with a faux button. I didn't trust my sewing machine to do a good enough job on the button hole, so I put a snap under the button to fasten it. 

(Cheating? Maybe? Maybe not?)

All the inner seams are finished with the serger cause this fabric frays like cray. (hey, that rhymes!)

I wish I had changed the thread color to black before sewing this, but have any of you tried to re-thread a serger before? It's definitely joining the List of Things I Hate (hear more about that here). 

There you have it! I'll post pictures of the cape after Pauline makes it more fandom-y so you can see the final product. 


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