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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Black and White Tank Top

It's another Alabama Chanin project! Speaking of which, I got to meet Natalie Chanin again in July! She was at Heath Ceramics and had an art exhibit in their Boiler Room. There were racks of beautiful clothes, absolutely amazing. Such an inspirational event. 

I made another tank top, but with some fun fabric this time. Same as before, I machine-stitched the interior seams and felled the neckline and attached the armholes by hand. 

Did a little crossover in the front to finish it. I liked the raw edge on the neckline. 

I whipstitched the armhole so it would still be stretchy. The fabric I used was very stretchy, so I wanted to use a stitch that wouldn't hinder the stretch. 

And finally, the back. 

It should have been a quick project, but it spent several months in my project box while I was forgetting to do get more white button craft thread to finish 2 inches of the armhole.

-Taft WK

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