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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas 2015: Cat Elbow Patches for Cat

More Christmas presents!

My friend had this wonderful jacket, but the elbows ripped a couple months ago. :(

So...I made some cute elbow patches for her for Christmas! This project was tons of fun. 

I started by making a drawing of a cat silhouette, copying liberally from various things I found on Google Images. 

I cut the pattern out and used tailors chalk to transfer the shape to some black twill I have. It's really cool fabric: the tag said it was a linen but there seems to be some sort of waxy finish on it that makes it very durable.

Two, because you can't just have one elbow patch!

I cut out the cats, folded the edges under and stitched all the way around. Then I cut an oval out of some patterned fabric I have and sewed the cat onto it. 

I posted this on Instagram while I was working on the project...so you might have already had a spoiler!

(Sorry...still haven't figured out how to rotate pictures on Blogger...)

I reversed the second cat so that they could *look* at each other from each elbow. 

So there you go! A cute little project...there might be more elbow patches in my future!

-Taft WK

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