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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tardis Dress: Part 2

Alright, I've kept you waiting long enough. Here's Part 2 of Cams' epic TARDIS costume:

(Missed Part 1? Don't worry, babe, I gotchu. It's right here.)

I've already told you the bodice was a basic princess-seamed top. I linked to the generator I used in the last post, which I then altered to fit her perfectly. Here it is, pre-attachment to the skirt:

I finished the top with a facing cut from the same cotton I used for the ruffles and all the inside seams are finished with the serger. (Thank the goddess for my mother's 20-year-old serger! That thing has saved our booties on more than one occasion.)

I cut straps from the white cotton and then some bias strips from the blue to trim it:

For this dress, I took every opportunity to topstitch in a contrast thread or add a contrast trim. I think it helped make certain areas pop and make it look more like a cartoon/costume.

Here's the finished straps:

Then there was the sash for the waist with the text from the TARDIS. It's black cotton and silver paint marker (My brother saved me in the eleventh hour with his massive stash of markers). 

Aaaaaaaand ladies and gentlemen! The final reveal! (drumroll please....)






Ta-da! *Trumpets play in the background*

The overskirt was trimmed with a plain strip of the blue cotton (wouldv'e used the white, but I ran out...)

Here's the ruffles on the underskirt. They're all hemmed with contrast thread, which made them pop really nicely. 

Some more pics without the sash...

The back has an invisible zipper in the seam. It was an okay zipper, not my best, but not every single thing you make can be the best, right? (This is how I'm making myself feel better.)

I love how cute the bow is in the back! 

And here's our lovely Cam in her custom-made TARDIS costume:

I'm in love with the hat and arm warmers she made! 

So, fellow crafters....what nerdy projects have YOU been up to lately?

-Taft W-K

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