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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blue and White Striped Tee

I had this awesome North Face tee that I loved so much and wore to rags (Literally. Mom deemed it "too ratty," stole it out of the laundry and cut it up into rags.) Luckily, I was able to save it before she cut it and instead cut it myself (there's a difference). I traced it and patterned it, so now I can make as many tees of the same style as I want!

I've never done this before, so I kind of made it up as I went along and it didn't turn out half bad, if I do say so myself. 

I cut the shirt along the seams, making sure to be really exact on one half, but just hacking it off on the other side. I ended up with one intact sleeve and half the front and half the back cut out perfectly. I traced the three pieces (front and back are cut on the fold), cut them out of paper and voila! I had a t-shirt pattern!

I tested it first on this navy and white striped fabric that I've had in my stash for at least a year. I picked it up at one of Fabric Outlet's 40% off sales (looooove them so much!) and figured it was about time it was turned into something.

I love the way it turned out! I've made a lot of tees, but I think this is the most professional one I've made so far. 

The neckline is finished with a strip of fabric which I serged on the inside, then topstitched down. 

The fabric is a teensy-bit see through (why does this keep happening to me!?) so I do have to be careful when I wear it, but other than that it's perfect! I love the stripes and keep wearing it again the second it's out of the laundry. 

Keep on crafting, y'alls!
-Taft W-K

P.S. School started this week. I know, I'm sad too :(. Unfortunately, since I'm a junior and junior year is a serious kick in the bahooty, I'm going to change from updating every Wednesday to updating every other. HOWEVER, I promise to update every week when I'm on vacation. Okay? Okay. (And if you just got that Fault in Our Stars reference, I'm sorry for making you cry.)


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  2. Taft- I'm challenged trying to post here. I'll try this again- it's my 3rd try!
    I love this! It's very well made and I love the thought of being able to up-style a favorite piece of clothing. Certain things fit SO WELL. Regarding the sheerness of the fabric- just get a cami- red stars (for those patriotic days). And if you aren't feeling like flying the flag, wear a cami with yellow stars or red hearts, or even flowers. And on those racy evenings, you could wear a half cami! Oooh la la.

    Maybe at our next overnight crafting, movie watching, (healthy cuz I'm chaining my ways) snack eating extravaganza we can do a making Tembo post showing something we designed and made on our overnight adventure.