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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thing 1 T-Shirt

When my family went to NYC last summer, my brothers and I found matching Thing 1, 2 and 3 shirts at a street fair. But of course, they were of the "unisex" variety, so I got mine a couple sizes too big so I could do something with it.

I decided to use the t-shirt pattern that I patterned from an old shirt a while ago. Unfortunately, there wasn't quite enough fabric in the Thing 1 shirt, so I added panels of another fabric to the sides.

The fabric I used for the panels was this nice, stretchy black knit, which was nice since t-shirts from street fairs aren't exactly famous for their high fabric quality and comfort. 

I decided to do a contrast binding on the neckline to give the shirt more pop. I really liked the way the different color sections turned out!

My brother started high school at my school this year, so we decided to go matching!!

There we are! (Mom, don't cry when you see this photo. Also, I downloaded it off your Facebook page, so this is a lesson to everyone! When you put photos online, anyone can take them!)

Winter break is coming up...so be expecting some extra posts as my holiday present to you!
Love, Taft 

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