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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blue Alabama Chanin Tank Top

Here's your late Thanksgiving present...an extra blog post! Yay!

Remember all those Alabama Chanin clothes I've made? Well, Natalie also has a beautiful tank top pattern that I love to wear. I've made a white one and a green one before (didn't blog about them, but I might post photos later), but this is the very first one I ever made (well, first one I started). 

The entire garment is hand-stitched, including the fancy stitching on the neckline and around the armhole. 

It's called a rosebud stitch; I learned it from that Alabama Chanin book I love. 

Here's the back:

The fabric is soooooo soft. I got it at Britex for my first Alabama Chanin project. Expensive, but damn. So freaking worth it. 

And the inside:

I think I should go in and clip the tails on the threads shorter so they're not poking out along the neckline and armhole.

Can't wait for the next Alabama Chanin project!
-Taft WK

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