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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Christmas 2015: Black Dress with Gold Bias Binding for Mom

I'm back with more Christmas presents! This one is late to the blog because I originally made the sleeves too long, so the dress spent a lot of time next to my machine, waiting to be fixed. Oops :/

Anyway, this is a pattern that pops up every few months on the blog. Here's the original, which I made again. And again (all for my mom). Then I hacked it for a Mothers' Day present: long sleeves, scoop neck and t-shirt length. Then I figured I owed myself one, so I sewed another and hacked the sleeves again. 

Most of these makes have been fun, casual pieces, so I wanted to go a new direction with Mom's Christmas present and make a classier version. 

So I went shopping, because one can never have enough fabric. At Fabric Outlet, I found a nice, thick black knit and this beautiful gold knit. Love at first sight! The gold knit is so beautiful. 

I used the same silhouette, with the lower v-neck from this version and long sleeves from this version.


I cut bias strips from the gold knit and used it to finish the edges and cover the back seam. 

It's all attached with two rows of handstitching. 

On the back, I folded the raw edges under. 

But I left the raw edges out on the hem, sleeves and neckline. 

Mom says she's looking forward to wearing it to work, maybe there are more dresses like this in our future! 

See you next week, there's a couple more Christmas presents left...
-Taft WK

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