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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taft Learns How To Use More Material Faster (also, math equations)

I learned how to use a twin needle on my (mom's) sewing machine! It's very exciting and has upped my sewing game to a whole new level. 

For example, I now no longer have to fold hems twice. Since I'm lazy/busy/easily bored, I figure that covering the raw edge a twin needle zig-zag (lots of thread) is good enough. Which brings us to the title of this post...

Previously, there was 2 thread sources, but the twin needles creates a need for a third source, which means I use 1.5 times as much thread. Additionally, I zig-zag stitch to create the illusion of a coverstitcher (haha, so much cheating), which uses about twice as much thread (rough estimate on that one). 

Since I'm not folding the hem twice, it takes me half the amount of time to hem a garment. 

Now let's say I use X yards of thread in 1 hour. I'm using 1.5 times as many thread sources and 2 times as much thread per stitch. The time required has been halved. Let's math that one out real quick:

(1.5)(2)(X)yds/(.5)hrs = 6X yds/hr. 

That's about 6 times as much material per hour. This just either made me a really productive seamstress, or created a really expensive lifestyle. Thanks a lot, twin needle. Thanks a lot. 

Math for the win, y'all's. 
-Taft WK

Oh but just you wait! I never let you go without any pictures. So here's some pictures of my latest twin needle projects: 

A friend exchanged chocolate for a quick dress alteration. Bartering for the win. 

Not sure if that's what the back is supposed to look like, I'm still experimenting with the tension. 

I also used it to fix the armhole on this vintage dress that I've had since middle school. Just let the hem out every few years so it doesn't get too short...

The thread matched the fabric very closely on this one, so you can't see it very well in the pictures.

And finally you can see some other double needle work in this post, where there was a quick sneak peak. 

See you next week!
-Taft WK

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