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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blue and Gray Quilt: Part 1

I started working on this quilt last Labor Day...and it's all handsewn. It took a month or so to track down enough fabric; I started out really picky about which ones I wanted to buy, and then realized that being picky was pointless, what with the amount of variety I wanted to have.

It's a simple, square design, alternating blue and gray fabrics, mostly patterns. It's also symmetrical on the horizontal and vertical middles. 

It's also entirely stitched by hand (shoutout to Netflix for keeping me entertained, woooo!). I sewed the squares into rows, then the rows into the top. The back is a simple gray cotton, which a little bit of piecing because it wasn't big enough to cover the whole quilt. 

Dang, I just love the back! Looks so clean!!

The blue binding is some random, bias tape binding I got at the Alemany flea market. Seems like they don't get a lot of teenaged sewing fanatics and two of the vendors were very excited to get rid of the sewing stuff I was interested in. Picked up some magnetic pin cushions with pins (are they still called pin cushions if they're magnetic?), that bias tape, and some vintage thimbles. 

Some of the fabric is old and from my stash (recognize that blue and white floral in the corner?), some of it is new and bought specifically for the quilt. I still have scraps of most of the fabric and hope to make a matching pillow or something when I'm done. 

Speaking of being done....that does not look like it is in my near future. I have been working on this quilt for nearly 10 months and I've only quilted three or so of the rows. My attention span is running out on this one. 

So I went to the fabric store and got matching thread for my industrial machine. 

(Her name is Blue Belutha. Sturdy, but most temperamental piece of equipment I have ever met since the lock on my freshman locker.)

Oh hey, that's me. I took a selfie with my machine, cause that's what my life is all about. Sewing in my room. By myself. (My friends say I'm a grandma trapped in a teenager's body. I do carry the quilt around in a wicker basket.) I might look a little crazy in the photo, but that's cause I'm CRAZY about SEWING. Damn, that was smooth. 

I'll keep you all updated on my attention span for this project. 
Much love, Taft W-K 

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