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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

LWHS T-Shirt Turned Dress

People who know Lick-Wilmerding are not even going to believe what I found. 

Look at that logo! Where did the orange even come from?!?!

No one knows. I found a couple of shirts like this in a box of discontinued designs at my school. I really really wanted one, but they only had extra large shirts. So I decided to make the best of the situation.

Using my now-staple tunic/dress pattern, I cut the front and back up to make a more tailored and flattering dress. 

The dress was still a little too short, so I added a strip of fabric left over from another project

All the hems and edges are unfinished on this project, because I didn't need it to be a completely polished. I was working fairly quickly (this was a one-night project). 

You'll notice that there is a nice white background on all of these photos! Now, what could that possibly be about? Well, I've started taking nice photographs of some of my projects to submit in my portfolio for college applications. I might post some of the new, nice photos soon. 

And since we have a school holiday coming up, I'll be posting every week until the next semester starts! So get pumped for some more projects!

-Taft WK 

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