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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015: Alabama Chanin Tank Top for Cam

I made a shirt similar to this earlier this year, and when Cam saw it, she loved it. My brain filed that little fact away for the holidays. (You might remember Cam from when I made this costume for her.)

I used the same pattern, Alabama Chanin's Fitted Top Pattern, but did not follow all their construction instructions (hey, that rhymes!)

Because I've been crunched for time around the holidays, and knew Cam would want to be able to just throw it in the laundry without worrying about hand-washing, I machine stitched the tee instead of hand-stitching.

The neckline is finished with a facing. 

The armholes are finished with bias tape. 

Cam says she likes it because she doesn't like to wear a lot of color, but her mom wants her to wear more. The shirt is a perfect compromise :)

Happy Holidays!
-Taft WK

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