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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Altered T-Shirts: San Francisco Is For Lovers

This is an oldie, but I finally tracked down all the pictures, so here we go...

I found this shirt at Thrift Town in the Misson District on an outing with my friends and LOOOOVE the design.

The thing is, it didn't fit very well and it smelled like an old cat lady's house. I know, bleh.

I found this t-shirt alteration project in one of my favorite crafting books and decided to use it for this amaze-balls shirt!

The buttons I picked out for this project (the flower one is actually two pieces, a small yellow button and this flower thing that I found a bunch of at Scrap)

I started by cutting it into a one shoulder top and taking in the side a bit.

I cut off the remaining sleeve and called upon old summer-camp-lanyard skills to braid 4 pieces of ribbon into a strap.

And there it is! Perfect for when SF has hot days (but who are we kidding? That only happens maybe 4 times a year.)

-Taft WK

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