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Monday, August 26, 2013

Internship: Week 3: Facing (The Noun, Not The Verb, Silly)

I learned another important sewing/designer lesson this week: That thing called facing.

It's what you put around collars and use to double-layer areas where there will be buttons. Pretty nifty, right?

Well, it took me a couple tries to figure out what exactly this whole "facing" deal was, but when I did, Hallelujah! This one is coming in handy in the future.

Here's a couple pictures of the facing on the inside of my dress:

And the pattern I used:

I was so happy with the end product! My dress is starting to feel more and more like something sold in a store!

Keep checking the blog! More from the Seamstress Chronicles will be up soon.
-Taft WK

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