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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Signs From the Universe: My Journal

I've had this journal for nearly three years now, dubbed my "Doodle Journal" at the beginning of seventh grade and slowly becoming my Everything Journal.

Looking through it, it's got inspiring quotes, books to read, and why today was a good day. It has Christmas present ideas, followed immediately by notes for my seventh grade Student Council campaign. There's the revised lyrics to "Small Town" by John Cougar Mellancamp that I sang for my dad for his birthday one year (I was born in a big town, then I moved to another big town...). There's spoken word from the many workshops at Summerbridge and my school. Puzzles, trip itineraries, notes from applying to high school, this notebook has everything.

I didn't use it very much at first, and so the first two years only take up half the pages, this last year taking up the final half of the infamous journal. You can see how much I've changed just by looking at it; the pages from the past year are full of shopping lists for the fabric store, sketches for pattern alterations, notes from a textile class I took, and "Plan of Attack!"s for each day of the summer. There's lists of blog posts to put up and pictures that I need, bullet-pointed plans for the summer that evolved as it went on, and you can even see how my handwriting has changed as the years progressed.

And today, in my final week of summer, I have reached the last page of my journal.

It feels a little bit sad, and yet, also freeing.

I get to start a new book! I can make a new me in that book, without being bogged down by old "why today was good"s from seventh grade and painstaking notes from applying to high schools in eighth grade.

I can have new ideas.

I can have new Plans of Attack!

This feels like a Sign From The Universe, I guess, 'cause I'm about to start in on a new adventure. Sophomore year is less than a week away, bringing with it a bigger locker, Honors PreCalc, and all the shop classes I'm psyched for.

And so, I get to start a new year with a new journal.

Thanks, Universe. Keep up the good work.
-Taft WK

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