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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Internship: Week 1: The Dress Form

Sooooo.....I finally got a dress form! Getting it in the mail was definitely the best part of the whole week.

I purchased a red, adjustable dress form on Amazon for about $100 (this beautiful thing right here), and am loving it! I've never worked with a dress form before and its one of those things where you're not sure how you survived before getting it (you know those things...Spotify, a clear gridded ruler, heavy duty staple gun...).

Anyways, the dress form (I think I should give it a name. Any suggestions?) has been super helpful with all my alteration projects. I used to have to try a garment on every time I made a change to see if it still worked, but now I can just pop it on the dress form! I can pin garments on the dress form! I can adjust hems on the dress form! It has totally taking my crafting to a whole new level.

I love how it's adjustable too. My mom can adjust it to her measurements when she is crafting and I can change it if I ever want to make something for my friends. One downside: it doesn't stay at the set height and will often slip and become shorter overnight. I know :/. At first, I thought I had grown, but then I realized it was probably really unlikely that I had grown three inches overnight. Someone in my house would have said something if I did.

And here we are! [Insert future name] and I, just chillin'.

(Check out that vintage beauty on my yet-to-be-named new bestie! 5th grade Halloween costume turned 7th grade favorite outfit. Just gotta let the hem out every few years.)

-Taft WK

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